OTA14: Tech Awards by 24Notion


We were tasked with the impossible this year at the Tech Awards 2014! we’ve managed to create one of a kind( out the box) solutions thats never done before.

As a result, we’ve had a standing ovation from the consumer! This event was not only important for us but also for the communities and TAO at large.

Our effort was to disrupt the market in a very positive way by incorporating an experiential marketing and blurring the line with advertising/marketing and Social component to get to the right consumer. We’ve succeeded! check out our pre write up here,

and here is our video opening and if you are interested to learn more about this engagement, drop us an email: info@24notion.tv

We’ve created media one of a kind solution from original content creation in Media + video design/production to the interactive event on bridging the gap to create a long lasting engagement.

oh one little thing: we’ve even given back portion of the engagement to make this happened! #CSR woohooo




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