Keynote: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Most recently, i was invited to keynote at Concordia University to a bunch of smart MBAs in regards of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

A few takeaways: you could follow me @MsSonicFlare to follow my POV 🙂

Yes I do believe:women could have it all!Just need to prioritize them. Step by step+conquer it all #entrepreneurship #innovation #myKeynote

you’ve got to want it. The worst entrepreneurs I’ve seen are the ones given up already…before they’ve started.

when one door closes, another will open… don’t give up on your passion

Don’t be afraid to try something new… If you fail then try again.. If it means 10x more

define your true objectives/goals… really! What/who/how/why/when

Be passionate……it’s not a job! It’s what you love

Be authentic… don’t try to be someone else that you are not

Great crowds! The audience are 80% women!!way to go…I had an awesome time sharing why innovation is needed+entrepreneurship just now.

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